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Номер товара B-144336 Salita, Michael

B Is for Brighton Beach

$13.99 $10.00
Спецификация товара
Номер товара B-144336
Автор Salita, Michael
Место издания New York
Издательство Best Seller Press Publishing House
Год издания 2015
Количество страниц 64
Иллюстрации Да
Обложка Твердая
Язык Английский
ISBN 9780991372928
"B is for Brighton Beach" is an interesting book and a fun way to interact with young children, teaching them both the alphabet and how to read." George FOREMAN " B is for Brighton Beach " is a colorful alphabet book that brings the ABC to life in a manner full of fun and joy. While exploring the streets, places and attractions of the legendary Brighton Beach neighborhood in Brooklyn, children aged three to six will eagerly learn the letters A to Z as well as the sight words, with their parents guiding them. There is a story for every letter, every page.This book journey for parents and children starts, in the alphabetical order, with NY "Aquarium" and "Asser Levy Park". You will find a lot of words that start with the letter "A", like "acorns", "ants" , "avocado", "apricots", and, of course, "apples", and even "airplanes in the sky". Then you will be walking along the famous "boardwalk" and encounter a lot of "birds" there; you will arrive at "Coney Island" and find a "cafe" " where you can buy "coffee" and "cake"; moreover, you will sit at the table and eat "desserts." You will look around and see "daisies" and "dandelions"; you will pay with "dollars"... This way you will travel from the beginning of the alphabet to its end, when your child will be finally "yawning " ready for his evening "yogurt", and will be "zooming" towards his/her bed...with "zero" energy left after the day of this extremely interesting journey. The alliteration texts employed in the book reinforce letter recognition and are perfect for a parent and child to share or for a beginning reader to enjoy on his/her own. I wrote this book with love because I love you,my readers, I love Brighton, I love its people. Enjoy the reading and have a wonderful alphabet journey across Brighton Beach.