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Номер товара B-66482 Brown N.

The New Penguin Russian Course. A complete Course for Beginners

Спецификация товара
Номер товара B-66482
Автор Brown N.
Место издания Нью-Йорк
Издательство Viking Penguin
Год издания 1996
Количество страниц 528
Обложка Мягкая
Язык Русский
ISBN 978-0-140-12041-7
Whether you're learning alone or attending classes, you'll find this complete Russian language course for beginners both accessible and indispensable. Designed to provide the student with an excellent command of basic Russian (the equivalent of A level standard) this book features thirty lessons punctuated by revision exercises to ensure you have fully understood what you have learned. The emphasis is on acquiring vocabulary, experiencing conversational language and learning useful grammar. This book also includes a vocabulary of 1,500 words and a glossary of grammatical terms.